Long-time WLCN host Bill Gossett decides to step away from the Viewpoint program

A Lincoln/Logan County broadcasting icon has decided to hang up his microphone.

The cat got out of bag on social media yesterday, but for those who don’t know, Bill Gossett has decided to step away from hosting Viewpoint.

This announcement will no doubt be a surprise to folks who have listened to Bill on WLCN’s Tuesday morning Viewpoint program over the past 15+ years.

While being on the cusp of turning 100 years young, Bill is a broadcast icon of Lincoln/Logan County, successful businessman, family man, veteran, person of faith and an unofficial ambassador for Lincoln/Logan County.

I sat alongside Bill as co-host on Viewpoint for just over a year after Judy Busby stepped away (speaking of Logan County broadcast icons; Bill and Judy were rightfully selected as the 2021 Lincoln Christmas Parade Grand Marshals for their contributions to the betterment of the community). Here’s a peek behind the curtain to a common occurrence on Viewpoint: after Bill would ask guests questions, I often would feel the light nudge of an elbow on my arm as the guest would respond; during a break, Bill would say of himself, “I’m talking too much; you jump in.” While I was officially “co-host” of the show, I never saw it as me being co-host in sense of sharing the hosting role, but more like I was Ed McMahon to his Johnny Carson. For me, it was always far more interesting, educational and entertaining to listen to Bill’s encyclopedic knowledge, memories and recollections about past events and the history of Lincoln and Logan County.

Because of the efforts of both Bill and Judy, the show has shined a light on many, many individuals and organizations providing services to the area and serving the community, and those people and groups are no doubt better off due to their efforts.

As for the Viewpoint program, it will continue in some form. I read that I would be taking the reins, but no decisions have been made at this time (I will still host the Tuesday afternoon public affairs program, The 4 PM 411). We currently are discussing having some guest hosts fill in on Viewpoint until a decision is made, and we will post more information and updates on our website and via social media as we have them.

Congratulations, Bill, on your accomplishments, and thank you for sharing your insights and perspectives with our audience. We will keep your microphone warm and always have a seat open for you on the show.

— Posted by Loyd Kirby, WLCN Marketing Manager

2 thoughts on “Long-time WLCN host Bill Gossett decides to step away from the Viewpoint program

  1. Libby Anderson

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve listened to bill’s show since we moved back to Lincoln 10 years ago, and it has always been fun and informative period we will miss his knowledge and humor. Best wishes Bill, no doubt you have other ideas for your next adventure!XO

  2. John & Marian Fuller, Fort Myers, Florida

    Congratulations and Happy 100th, Bill! You’ve made a great mark on Lincoln and Logan County.


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