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WLCN is two radio stations in one, giving listeners Today’s Best Country from 4 AM until 6 PM when the FIX 96 Classic Rock Experience is on the air from 6 PM through 4 AM. Why is WLCN a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll? By featuring the best of both worlds, WLCN can reach more listeners in the all-important disposable income demographic: male and female listeners from the age of 22 through 65. These are the people who have the money to spend on businesses/services, even in sluggish economies. In addition, WLCN’s geographic location gives advertisers access to more than half a million potential listeners in Central Illinois AND is an affordable alternative to the media juggernauts in metro areas. Click here to learn more about how WLCN 96.3 FM can highlight your business without breaking your bank!

WLCN 96.3 FM plays Today's Best Country from 4 AM to 6 PM

WLCN is a proud affiliate of the following networks:

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WLCN 96.3 FM is a KM Communications, Inc. station.