WLCN announces plans to relocate station


WLCN General Manager Jim Ash announced today that the radio station has been sold to a group of investors in Nebraska and will move its studios and operations to the capital city of “The Cornhusker State” this summer.

“Not only does this allow us to reach an entire new audience, but we’ll also be able to reuse all our promotional items,” Ash said. “Since we’ll now be in the capital of Nebraska, we can still bill ourselves as ‘Lincoln Country’…it just won’t be Illinois.

“Now we just need to find an old construction trailer we can convert to a studio in a remote location near a small town outside Lincoln and it will just feel like home.”

Ash offered no insights about the station’s sports coverage plans. “We’d love to continue covering LCHS Railer athletics, and that’s not off the table,” he said. “It’s a long commute, but it turns out the drive from Nebraska to Central Illinois isn’t much farther than the trips we made to some of the teams’ Apollo Conference road games, so we may be able to work something out.”

And to those who read all the way to the bottom of this post: sorry to burst your bubble, but WLCN is not going anywhere. Happy April Fools Day!

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