Play the Turkey Shoot Challenge on the Lincoln Country Morning Show for a chance to win a FREE turkey breast from Lincoln IGA!

WLCN 96.3 FM is partnering with Lincoln IGA for the Turkey Shoot Challenge where listeners can win a FREE turkey breast courtesy of Lincoln IGA!

From November 7 through November 23, listen weekdays to the Lincoln Country Morning Show after 7 AM for the sound of the gobbling turkey. Callers then choose a number from 1 to 5 of how many shots it will take to hit the turkey. Another sound effect will play with a random number of shots (between 1 and 5) firing until the turkey is hit; if you choose the right number, you’re a winner! If the first caller doesn’t win, the next caller gets a chance until there is a winner.

Winners will receive a free 5- to 7-pound turkey breast from Lincoln IGA, located at 713 Pulaski Street.

Callers can play once per day, and one winner per household is allowed for the duration of the contest.

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