i3 Broadband CEO Paul Cronin scheduled October 18 guest on THE 4 PM 411

Tune in to the THE 4 PM 411 on October 18 when i3 Broadband CEO Paul Cronin is scheduled to be the guest. i3 Broadband has been working the last several weeks installing fiberoptic cable around Lincoln and will offer hi-speed broadband internet service to residents. Learn more about the company and its offerings when he is on the show Tuesday, October 18 at 4 o’clock. Listen at 96.3 FM or via the Mixlr app/web site, or watch live via WLCN’s live videostream. Listeners/viewers are also encouraged to call with questions on the studio phone line, (217) 648-5510 or email questions to 4pm411@wlcnonline.com.

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