Details about WLCN’s Friday 2/25 LCHS boys and girls basketball coverage

The postponement of the LCHS Lady Railers sectional championship game to Friday 2/25 means both the LCHS boys and girls teams will play Friday 2/25 at 7 PM: the girls play at home versus Mahomet-Seymour for the sectional championship, and the boys play at Mahomet-Seymour against Mahomet-Seymour for the regional title. We apologize that WLCN cannot provide full broadcast coverage of both games simultaneously, but we are planning to do the following:

  • WLCN will provide radio coverage on 96.3 FM and the Mixlr app and a YouTube video livestream of the LCHS boys game in Mahomet
  • WLCN will provide YouTube video livestream coverage of the LCHS girls game in Lincoln.

Unfortunately, because we are stretching our resources and personnel with producing two events at once, we will be unable to provide live YouTube videostream coverage of the girls 3-point shooting contest scheduled for 5:30 PM. Again, we apologize for this but had to allocate our resources toward providing coverage of both games.

Since there will be two YouTube livestreams happening simultaneously, we will be temporarily changing the access link on our homepage to get to our YouTube livestreams to allow individuals to be able to choose which game they watch. Typically, clicking the Watch live badge on our homepage takes viewers to our active YouTube livestream, but since there will be more than one livestream happening simultaneously, the new temporary badge on the homepage will instead take folks to our YouTube channel page. Once on the page for our YouTube channel, they can then click on the video livestream they choose to watch.

Alternatively, people can go to YouTube, type WLCN 96.3 FM in the search bar and access our YouTube page that way.

Last night was spent testing equipment, and we were able to have two livestreams running simultaneously on YouTube. As mentioned above, we are unable to broadcast two games at the same time over our FM radio channel or Mixlr, and to honor the larger number of advertising agreements with sponsors, the boys game will be broadcast on our FM channel and via the Mixlr app.

We understand some folks will be disappointed there will be no radio coverage of the girls game and we are sorry we can not provide that due to the concurrent happening of the games. We would love to provide full, equal coverage of both teams’ games, but the technology does not allow for that since they happen at the same time. And since we do have business considerations to take into account, those factored into shaping these arrangements.

We spent last night sorting out the technical considerations and will continue finalizing arrangements this morning as far as assigning broadcasters and camera operators to the event sites. And we will be doing a few more equipment tests this morning to try and ensure things go smoothly for both YouTube livestreams.

We went through several considerations in trying to problem solve and come up with these arrangements, but it is a great problem for us to have with both LCHS basketball teams being so competitive and with a great opportunity to advance in the postseason. As always, thank you to all for your interest in and support of our coverage of the LCHS events….GO RAILERS!

5 thoughts on “Details about WLCN’s Friday 2/25 LCHS boys and girls basketball coverage

  1. Randy Swingle

    Thank you so very much for doing both im really surprised that you are able to do both somewhat at the same time this means a lot for our community as we can go to one game and also watch the other one after we get home or listen to the boys via radio while being at the girls game wow very awesome!

  2. Teresa Booher

    WLCN, I greatly appreciate your efforts to cover both the boys and girls games. These are state tournament games and I really wanted to be able to support both teams. Thank you for all your work to make this happen!


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